I Raced 50 Ironmans,

in 50 US States,

in Just 50 Days…

The Unbelievable Story of a Man Who Went from Failed
“Fun-Runner” to Guinness World Record Winner!

That’s MY personal best. Now…let me help you hit yours!


My name is James Lawrence.

You might know me as the “IronCowboy,” or the guy who broke multiple Ironman Guinness World Records.

I’ll tell you about those in a minute.

First, on July 25, 2015, I reached my biggest and most audacious goal:

I completed 50 Ironman-length triathlons in 50 US states, in 50 days.

(Yes, that is 7030 miles in 50 days.)

And now, I want to share with you exactly how I did it.

And not only how I did it, but how you use what I discovered to reach your goals, too!

Whether you’re a total beginner, an accomplished
triathlete or somewhere in-between

…what I’m going to tell you here boils down to one central issue: how to help you race your best triathlon, EVER.

Team IronCowboy Member

“Six months. All it took was six months of training with Team Ironcowboy to go from a fat guy who couldn’t run a mile, to a less fat, podium winning triathlete! My favorite part is how much unexpected fun and support I had along the way. My coaches went above and beyond to work with me to accommodate my schedule, answer my questions, and offer any support they could. The other team members, who are accomplished athletes of their own, offered advice, shared their own experiences, and helped create a supportive, inspiring, and entertaining online community. Looking forward to growing stronger, faster, and wiser in the next six months with Team Ironcowboy!”

Team IronCowboy Member, Yusuf R.

Now, only you know what that means for you…

For most triathletes, their outcome typically falls into one of two buckets:

1. It was misery and it sucked and they’ll never do it again… OR,
2. They LOVED it, and can’t wait to sign up for another race!

In my experience, your results will flow from your training plan. This is an exceptionally tricky area because it’s so time-intensive.

There IS a Shortcut to Success…

Listen to this story, as I heard it via email:

At the boulder 70.3 ironman a month ago I passed out water at an aid station on the run for like 1.5 hours. It was a super hot day. People were miserable. I probably saw 1500 athletes come through that aid station and almost 100% of people were miserable…

Only 20 weren’t miserable. Six of those 20 were girls who James had trained. None of James’ athletes were miserable. And, all those women finished the race, and beat most of their male friends who did it.

From having been at that event, I can tell you those six girls actually had fun. They were ready on race day, and using the training programs I gave them, they enjoyed excellent races on a very tough day.

Now, before I continue, I must admit:

I wasn’t always a famous triathlete.

And before being featured by
Runner’s World, GQ, Red Bull and other big brands…

I Barely Finish My First Race!

It was a four-mile fun run.

And let me tell you, I was pathetic.

By the end of the race, I was a suffering, wheezing mess. My lungs were burning in agony, and as I stumbled forward, I saw a pitiful sight:

“Race-walkers,” and mothers – pushing children in strollers – were breezing past me in the home-stretch!

I was a total failure.

It was enough to make me want to puke. And quit.

But I didn’t.

Instead, I asked myself a question: If complete and utter failure feels this bad… how great would success feel?

Yusuf R.

It changed my life

“I’ve never been able to run more than 3.5 miles. I have a mental (and thought I had a physical) block! Within 3 weeks of starting the TeamIronCowboy training, I ran 9 miles! With the swim workouts, swimming became fun for me. I’m 50 and I just finished my first Olympic distance tri. I finished 1 minute behind my 38 year old friend who trained a ton, but without TeamIronCowboy. I’m sold. I’ll never train without you guys again!”

Shawn M.

I Went Down a “Rabbit-Hole” that
Changed Everything

Over the next couple years, I spent hundreds, then thousands of dollars scouring every endurance training resource I could find.

I felt like most of it was junk, so I started seeking out the top experts, and asking them straight up:

If you didn’t have to write a 200-page book and instead simply needed to share the top 3 or 5 tips for maximizing endurance, what would those tips be?

What I discovered took me from normal guy failing, to breaking world records…

In 2010, I smashed the Guinness Half Ironman World Record!

In 2012, I found out the most full IRONMAN races completed in 12 months was 20.

By the end of the year, I had crushed that Guinness World Record too, with 30!

By then, everybody was asking:

How did this “fun-run failure” suddenly put his name in the Guinness Book of World RecordsTWICE, not to mention doing what no other human being has even attempted with the 50 Ironmans in 50 days and 50 states!?

Well, let me tell you how it all happened…

What Can an Italian Economist Teach Us
About Running Triathlons?

Like you, I needed to maximize my training without wasting unnecessary energy.

Enter Vilfredo Pareto…

This obscure Italian economist changed everything with his Pareto Principle. You probably know it as the 80/20 rule.

Basically, Pareto found that (roughly) 80% of your results come from just 20% of your effort.

For example…

Pareto found that 20% of the pea pods in his backyard garden contained 80% of the peas… that 80% of land in Italy was controlled by 20% of the people, and so forth.

The numbers don’t have to be exact… as in:

If you know 10% of musical chords, you can play 90% of the songs.

If you know the most common 2000 words in a language, you can speak 80% fluency.

You get the idea.

With triathlon training, I’ve proven it, time and time again: just 20% of effort gets you 80% of the results!

In fact, your biggest immediate takeaway is this…

You’ve Been Training Way Too Hard for
Your next Triathlon!

You see, most people focus on the 20% activities and get minuscule results.

My team and I teach tri-athletes how to shift their focus to the right things, and get massive, record-shattering results!

Over the years, I’ve coached many now-successful triathletes.

And I wanted to find a way to honor these amazing 80/20 principles, and help you reach your triathlon goals…

That’s why I’ve created a brand-new online coaching community that leverages the power of 80/20!

What Team IronCowboy Members Have to Say:

Introducing Team IronCowboy Coaching

Just imagine…

A team of the world’s best coaches, best-selling authors and professional athletes all working to help you go farther and faster than you ever thought possible.

Maybe you’re training for your first Ironman (or any length triathlon). Maybe you’re recovering from a setback, and simply want to cross that finish line again. Maybe you want to hit a personal best — in endurance, speed, or both.

Whatever your goal, you’re going to be able to log in to our coaching platform, and within minutes, get a completely customized training plan that helps you hit and exceed your big goals!

But that’s just the beginning…

Inside Team IronCowboy are all of MY trainers, ready to help you.

These are the same ones that helped me go from struggling “Fun-Runner” to completing 50 Ironman triathlons in all 50 US states in 50 days.

On top of that, you’ll get access to me, and also some incredible experts…I’ll introduce you to now:

These are some of the incredible all-stars, you can meet today, inside Team IronCowboy :

The IronCowboy

Yes, of course …you get me, James Lawrence, on your team. I’ve already told you a bit about myself, so what I’ll mention here is what I think I know about you: I believe inside you there’s a goal so big you probably haven’t told yourself about it yet. It’s hiding behind all the small goals and “manageable” milestones you trot out for yourself. My mission will be to get you to find and show the TEAM your REAL goals…the ones that scare you, THEN I’ll help you crush ‘em all on your way to many other things you never saw yourself doing!

David Warden

One of the truly elite coaches on the planet. David enjoys a well-deserved international reputation as a coach, athlete and so much more. David is co-author of the premier academic book, Triathlon Science and he’s host and producer of podcast “Tri Talk!” this busy achiever has stacked up more than 30 1st place finishes in triathlon and duathlon. His client roster includes world champions, world record-holders and Ironman World Champion qualifiers.

Matt Fitzgerald

Sure, he’s a bestselling author of more than 20 well-known books on running and triathlon, but that’s far from all. Matt is also an award-winning journalist whose experience, wit and wisdom regularly appears in national publications like Women’s Running, Outside, and dozens more. Of course Matt is a coach and certified nutritionist but most importantly, inside Team IronCowboy he’s someone you’ll get to know personally and have the ability to ask questions and get feedback from.

Tommy “Rivers” Puzey

If you have a question anywhere in the realm of physiology, wellness, injury prevention or rehabilitation, you can count on this ultramarathoner to deliver value-packed, science-based answers that you can take to the bank! On top of that, Tommy’s broad experience as a champion marathoner and his experience at the Ironman World Championships in Kona, Hawaii make him another addition to the IronCowboy coaching staff you’ll thank your lucky stars to have on your team.

Dr. Dallas Makin

He’s not only a chiropractor and a natural sports medicine specialist, but he has also possesses deep expertise in acupuncture, kinesiology, and innumerable other techniques and methods that focus in on the core cause of athletic injuries. In addition to being an avid athlete, Dr. Makin served as Chief Medical Advisor to the IronCowboy during the 50-50-50. Combining a vast wealth of physical therapy techniques, experience and information have earned him the reputation of being “the man that fixes you when others can’t!” I can’t think of anything better than having a doctor on call when you have an important question!

These guys are “hero-makers”. They’re rock stars in the endurance world, and starting right now, they can be part of your team.

What Can a Team of Elite Coaches do for You?

Maybe you feel like you’ve tried coaching before, but it just never worked out.

If so, you’re probably fairly skeptical about some new coaching tool being the answer to getting the kind of results you’re after.

I know how you feel – because I’ve already seen all the deficiencies of other products and solutions already out there.

I created Team IronCowboy to specifically to fill the gaping hole in the world of triathlon coaching.

YES! I’m Ready To Get Started Today

When you join our community, you will discover:

  • The truth about strength training

    and what you can do to achieve peak endurance performance (it’s not what you think)!

  • How to master the swim

    5 swimming drills you can do today that will shave minutes off your time in the water, FAST.

  • Race Week Mental Preparation

    11 Things you MUST do to discover your edge to WIN.

  • 28 Event Day Prep Factors

    any one of these can make the difference between placing and not finishing at all.

  • Race Day Fueling Myths

    What You’ve been told to eat… why it’s wrong, and what 3 simple rules to follow instead.

  • An incredibly effective “at-home”

    Strength training program that can save you 30 minutes of driving to and from the gym every day.

  • The surprising secret Japanese researchers discovered about your fat to carb ratio

    This immediately boosts your endurance by an average of 10% (compared against a traditional high-carb meal)

  • A 5-point fit plan for your best bike experience ever

    Get one of these wrong and watch your times (and comfort) tumble!

  • The 8 bike “training plans” you NEED,

    and the mistakes I see racers (from rookie to veteran make regularly) and how you can eliminate these costly errors.

  • Much, much more inside the Team IronCowboy Coaching Area!

These are the same secrets I used to race 140.6 miles through all 50 states, and break multiple Guinness World Records.

They’re just a few of the powerful insights you’ll get from day one as a member of Team IronCowboy.

All this comes inside our dynamic community, infused with experts, coaches and accountability. You’ll get top-notch guidance with real-time feedback and deep, focused attention as I answer your questions and solve your triathlon problems.

Team members tell us they feel secure, relaxed, confident and happy they’re on the path to crossing their finish lines in less time, with fewer injuries than ever before!

Our Members Can’t Believe How Much Progress They are Making!

Yes! I’m Ready To Join the Team Today…

Here’s exactly what you’re getting right now:

Direct Access to World Class Coaches

Our entire staff is available inside our team forums every day. Unlike other coaches, this team lives to understand you, support you and help you achieve your personal best!

Interactive Training Plans

Having a busy life means you don’t have time to think about how to train. You just want to follow a proven plan built by some of the best coaches on the planet. No matter your level or goals, I’ll give you the perfect plan from our 30 custom options to inspire and move you, every single day.

80/20 Zone Calculator

You can’t find this anywhere else! With instant access to our exclusive proprietary pacing tool, you’ll easily establish your five pace-based training zones. Using these to unlock the power of your daily emailed workouts, you’ll avoid burnout, experience fewer injuries and have yourself feeling stronger than ever on race day.

Team Community

Members share tips, tricks, experience and hold valuable discussions with coaches across every topic. On top of that, your community is here to hold you accountable, share victories, give encouragement and motivation when you need it most. You’ll get structure, a sense of belonging and camaraderie as you reach for your goals. It’s common for members to meet up, across the globe for events!

Live Regular Video Coaching Sessions

Our coaches love teaching! I take turns digging into the meatier issues that I notice repeating themselves inside the forums. When I go live, our team joins us for some serious value-packed sessions.


Just this part alone is worth 10X the small membership fee. Team member’s questions and the detailed answers are always there for you in the archives, ready for you to access and benefit from anytime!

Learning Vault

Inside you’ll get every triathlon secret revealed in a wide array of formats for your convenience: everything from swimming drills, cycling techniques, mental preparation, race-day techniques and much more. The vault delivers a powerful punch of knowledge, on-demand, anywhere you need it.

You’re smart. You looked around and you know that other personalized coaching sells for $1,000s of dollars.

And I truly believe that by now you can see it would be worth that much just to have access to a doctor on call!

In fact, I am 100% confident that what I’m offering here at Team IronCowboy is worth a multiple of those other products.

Think about this…

  • If the only thing Team IronCowboy did was to Share Exclusive Content like how-to videos, podcasts and articles , it would be worth $100 a month.
  • If the only thing Team IronCowboy did was to Give You Live, Regular Video Coaching Sessions, it would be worth $300 a month.
  • If the only thing Team IronCowboy did was to deliver a daily interactive training plan with ongoing feedback and modifications, it would be worth at least $400 a month.
  • If the only thing Team IronCowboy did was to provide you with access to our Team doctor on call 24/7, it would be worth at least $500 a month.
  • If the only thing Team IronCowboy did was to open up one-on-one communication and deliver motivation, encouragement and inspiration live and in-person, it would be worth $1,000 a month, yes?

Team IronCowboy does every single one of those things, and more!

But I’m not asking you to pay $1,000. In fact, it won’t even cost you $500…

Because when you take advantage of this special offer right now, your total
investment only comes to $99!

At less than $3 per day, I bet you spend more on protein bars… And while
they’re great, they won’t help you nearly as much as joining our team!

But I’m not even going to ask you to pay that, until I’ve proven to you just
how valuable this is….

High-Level Coaching for Just One Dollar?

I’m going to put all my cards on the table. I want to make this really easy for you.

When You Act Now I’ll Give You A Full MONTH of Access, for just $1 dollar…

Here’s the thing:

If this isn’t for you, that’s fine.

But I’m so sure that you’ll love everything I’m doing inside that I’m prepared to give you a full thirty days to try us out, practically on the house!

This $1 dollar 30-Day Tour will immediately get you on the FAST track toward your BIGGEST goals. Plus:

  • You’ll get a custom training plan created by my team exclusively for Team IronCowboy members, delivered to you every day!
  • You’ll discover how to save your body from the 10 most common triathlete injuries, and dang near bullet-proof against all training and racing injuries.
  • You get the lowdown on how to run faster while actually training slower than before!
  • Valuable reviews you can’t find anywhere else on what gear to buy, how to choose shoes, and even massive discounts worth hundreds of dollars immediately when you use our coach’s private sponsorship codes!

Stop chasing the shiny objects and actually get FASTER by doing the total opposite of what everyone else is doing!

I’m Ready to Join Team IronCowboy!

order now

The “Iron-Clad IronCowboy” 100% Satisfaction Guarantee!

Don’t even make up your mind right now.

Join us today, and just pay a dollar. Take a full month – a risk-free 30 days…

If you’re not 100% delighted and amazed with us… if you don’t feel like you’re getting all of your training and racing questions answered, in plain English by world-class experts (like me)if you don’t enjoy having a group to chat with, get encouragement and a reliable source for reliable informationand if you don’t agree that you are becoming a faster, better, smarter runner, swimmer, cyclist…

Then simply send me an email for a rapid, no hassle, no questions asked 100% refund.

And a Second Guarantee, I want to Personally Make to You:

I know you probably fall into one of three categories:

Perhaps you want to finish your first triathlon, and check off that bucket list item…

Maybe you’ve had a big setback, and you’re ready for a big comeback…

Or you just want to hit a new personal best — whichever one is most important to YOU — I personally guarantee to improve your performance.

If you do the workouts, upload your data and don’t get better — I’ll give you all your money back!

I think you’ll have to agree, this is a pretty rock solid offer…

It Is Decision Time

You’re standing at the crossroads. Of the two roads before you, the one on the left is the road you’ve been traveling a lot… it’s rough, uphill, lonely and full of unnecessary mistakes. It’s the 20% path… the wrong, inferior path that most take…

On the right, the road less traveled. It’s the best path, teaming up with a Guinness World Record Holding triathlete and his personal coaching team, with all their collective wisdom.

Smooth, paved, and proven to be the easiest way to achieve your racing goals…

Choose the right road. Let’s team up now.

Join Team IronCowboy for Just $1!

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James “The IronCowboy” Lawrence

P.S. : This entire story I’ve told you boils down to one central issue: You, racing your best triathlon ever.

That’s “all” me and the world-class coaches in my online community can do for you…

If you’re a triathlete, from beginner to expert, and you want to go faster, get stronger, recover more quickly and have the racing strategies, techniques and support you can’t find anywhere else… then this is for you.

But don’t take my word for it!

Join my community 100% risk free for a full month, and see if you ever want to go back to figuring out things on your own. I’m confident you’ll be like me, and say “why didn’t someone come up with this sooner?

A Word of Warning

This IS the first time I’ve ever offered a one dollar membership offer, and it may be the last. I don’t know how long I’m going to keep this offer, so if your PR is important to you…

If being a part of Team IronCowboy sounds like crossing the finish line for you, the time is NOW.

Join Team IronCowboy for Just $1!

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Here’s What You Get When You Order Today:

  • Direct Access to Your Coaches

    There are no “gurus on the mountaintop” here. All your coaches are accessible and easy to ask questions and get expert advice from.

  • A Team-centered Community

    Easily the favorite feature of most Team members, having support and accountability makes all the difference for you!

  • Interactive Training Plan

    Our system knows where you are in your training and it delivers your workout to you daily!

  • Live Video Coaching Sessions

    Interact, meet, ask questions and learn how the very best operate in triathlon!

  • A Key to the Resource Vault

    Everything you need to hit your next PR, and a whole lot more.

  • All The Answers You Need

    You’ve got questions? All you need is at your fingertips, with Team IronCowboy!

Here’s a couple of recent comments from two of our coaches:

David Warden

Team, I’m happy to report that I represented TIC today and won the 2016 USAT Rocky Mountain Regional Sprint Championship (5-state region). After coming in 2nd overall in 7 of my previous 9 races, I’ve adjusted, turned things around, and now won 3 races in a row, with the Regional Championship my AAA race of the year. 80/20 training verified!

David Warden

Matt Fitzgerald

My philosophy on training and diet for endurance athletes is this: Copy what the elites do. But some say, “I’m so different from the elites. How can the things that work for them possibly work for me?” The other day I interviewed a 62-year-old woman who as recently as four years ago weighed 335 lbs and had never exercised. Then she decided to become a triathlete. She hired a coach who trains her the 80/20 way and she follows my Racing Weight diet. Today she weighs 136 lbs.

Matt Fitzgerald

Still have a question? Check out these answers…

  • Q. Can you guarantee I’ll PR with your coaching?

    A. Actually… yes! I believe this is the best coaching program around. The members inside right now are doing things they never thought possible. All you have to do is follow the customized training program I send you each day, and interact with other team members. No more hassles, headaches or confusion — just rely on our coaches and your success is right around the corner!

  • Q. What am I getting inside Team IronCowboy?

    A. An incredible experience for all levels of triathlete. Coaching, training plans, live video sessions, the keys to a vault of valuable running, swimming and cycling expertise, all on tap! Check out what current members are saying here or here.

  • Q. What if I’m a marathoner?

    A. I love runners… you can join us on one of the Team IronCowboy running
    plans. We have everything from 5k up to marathon.

  • Q. If I join today, how much is the investment?

    A. You just pay one dollar today. If you love it, and I think you will, each month you’ll be billed just $99 – less than you probably pay for protein bars, without that chalky aftertaste.

  • Q. What if I don’t want to stay?

    A. No problem! I’ll even give you your dollar back and say nice things about you. Of course, I hope you’ll at least give us 30 days to show you the power of Team IronCowboy… after all, it’s only going to cost you a buck to see if this isn’t the best triathlon coaching community out there!